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Toph had an informal connection with The latest Duke

Toph had an informal connection with The latest Duke

Suki, Sokka, and Toph moved to help you Wulong Tree, where Aang had merely outdone Ozai. Sokka and you may Toph each created nicknames getting Ozai such as for instance „Loss Lord“ and „Phoenix Queen of going his ass whooped“, respectively. Suki attempted their hands in the game but could simply become with „Queen of the people who don’t victory?“ Toph dismissively answered, „Get-off the fresh new nicknames to united states, honey“. [17]


Toph are regularly Tenzin when he grew up, regardless of if she still adopted a no-rubbish emotions for the your whenever she was for the police team. Just after he visited apprehend specific vandals just who broken airbending doorways towards Heavens Temple Isle, she used it given that an opportunity to explain that he is to possess claimed the newest offense unlike bringing the matters towards the his very own give. Yet not, she are stuff to let Tenzin away from with just an alert. [40]

The new Duke

The 2 satisfied if you are Aang had been involuntary of Azula’s attack. [32] If team out of a flame Country motorboat ambushed her or him in the future after Aang’s awakening, This new Duke acted due to the fact Toph’s enjoying-attention book to make certain that she you are going to flames boulders at boat correctly. [41] New Duke given Toph his head protection where she vomited whenever she became seasick of driving inside an excellent submarine for the invasion of one’s Flame Nation. [42] During the Western Sky Forehead, The new Duke ideal in search of Toph shortly after she vanished regarding classification through to this lady interviewing Zuko. [43] They were split up whenever Azula assaulted brand new forehead. [44] At the conclusion of brand new Hundred-year War, it reunited where the Duke hugged the woman, even in the event Toph seemed to believe it having a great deal of treat.